Episode 16

Published on:

29th Apr 2024

Sagely Speaking | Dr. Bertha Madras, Professor of Psychobiology, Harvard Medical School

In this very important episode, we welcome Dr. Bertha Madras who has been at the forefront of discussions around drug policy for decades. Among the many areas she focuses on, we discussed her research into psychedelic drug therapies and her very concerned viewpoint. With billions of dollars pouring into this emerging field, Dr. Madras sheds light on the complexities and controversies surrounding these treatments and how the crucial cautionary narratives are omitted, potentially misleading the public about the realities of this therapy. She also talks about the dangers of the FDA's recommendation to reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III and the potentially hazardous implications of this proposed change. Listening to Bertha discuss drug abuse as a whole makes this episode a must-listen.

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Sagely Speaking with Congresswoman Mary Bono is a thought-provoking podcast of interviews with experts from diverse fields…exploring a wide range of topics from the opioid and fentanyl epidemic, social issues, politics and policy to personal development, shedding light on important issues that impact our society.
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"Sagely Speaking with Mary Bono," is hosted by the esteemed former Congresswoman Mary Bono. As a respected figure known for her insightful perspectives and vast experience, Mary will engage in thought-provoking conversations with influential personalities, exploring a wide range of topics from social issues, drug abuse prevention, politics and policy to personal development. This podcast aims to provide a platform for meaningful discussions, shedding light on important issues that impact our society. We believe that the insights shared by Congresswoman Bono and her guests will resonate with a diverse audience, making "Sagely Speaking with Mary Bono" a valuable addition to the podcasting landscape.